How can I pin a link to a tree showing groups AND projects?

When I open the GitLab website, on the left sidebar I can only select to either see Groups (= limbs) or Projects (= leafs):


However, I’d like to browse groups and projects all in one, just like with any local file explorer tool.

Currently, I first have to open an arbitrary project link, hit the root group in the bread crumb displayed at the top, and then I finally get to see a combined group/project tree.

How can I pin this kind of combined tree to the sidebar?

Moreover, can I enable keyboard shortcuts (i.e., arrow keys) to navigate and open/close nodes in these trees? (Plus Return for selecting a node.)

I don’t see any functionality that allows you to pin that to the main sidebar. It’s possible to pin items within an existing project to the pinned section, but nothing at a global level outside of projects.

If you would like such functionality though, it would be a good idea to open an issue here so that Gitlab Devs can potentially integrate such functionality: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab