How to enable gitlab-ci on 8.5.0?

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to local installation of GitLab CE 8.5.0 and wanted to try setting up a gitlab runner(win32) to build projects on commit/push.

GitLab CE 8.5.0 is running and I access it via port 9998; in my /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file I have

external_url 'http://testGitLab:9998'

and it works.

I followed the directions on and added the following line;

ci_external_url 'http://testGitLab:9999'

to my /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file and ran sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure.

Confirmed that gitlab still works, but I can’t seem to get the runner to register.

running gitlab-ci-multi-runner-windows-386.exe register with http://testGitLab:9998 as the gitlab-ci coordinator URL ultimately fails with;

←[31;1mERROR: Registering runner... failed ←[0;m ←[31;1mrunner←[0 ;m=rMdmsXix ←[31;1mstatus←[0;m=couldn't execute POST against http://testGitLab:9998/api/v1/runners/register.json: Post http://testGitLab:9998/ap i/v1/runners/register.json: dial tcp ConnectEx tcp: No connec tion could be made because the target machine actively refused it. ←[31;1mPANIC: Failed to register this runner. Perhaps you are having network pro blems←[0;m

It looks like gitlab-ci isn’t properly set up - and/or I don’t think I have the gitlab-ci coordinator URL set correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

If I go to a project and try to add a runner, the page tells me that the coordinator URL is http://testGitLab:9998/ci. This information is not present when I try to add a runner from admin area.

Yep, since version 8.* the separate Gitlab CI website doesn’t exists anymore. Therefor ci_external_url is deprecated. The CI functionality is fully integrated into the Gitlab web-interface (like builds & runners).