How to find things in GL

So, i use gitlab web, the free version. i dont know what’s its official name.

  1. How can i find what version of it i am using?
  2. How can i find the changelog/release notes of the versions?

Things tried searching at:

what i was looking for today : the issue/mr of displaying the author in comments. I was happy seeing this thing (i was wanting this from quite some time) and wanted to share, but the soooo much futile hassle of finding anything official regarding it faded it for the moment :grimacing::grimacing:


3. How can i directly find the changes if i cant find them in changelogs?
4. How can i find where are the parts of the codes for example: i wanted to look at the code of the page where a new issue is created.

  1. Go to while logged in
  2. has a pre-release version deployed, so it will be officially supported in 13.4, this is why you don’t see it in the change logs yet.
  3. The whole codebase is here: (it’s huge! A bit of knowledge of Ruby on Rails is needed to navigate it!)
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