Where to find Gitlab Changelog API documentation

I am learning about Gitlab Changelog and how to integrate this into our project. I have read the following:

I feel like there is not enough information about Gitlab Changelog and how it works. Currently, I am trying to create my own .gitlab/changelog_config.yml template that would list the date of each commit performed.

My current template:

template: |
  {% if categories %}
  {% each categories %}
  ### {{ title }}

  {% each entries %} 
  - [{{ title }}]({{ commit.reference }}) ({{ commit.created_at }}) \
  {% if author.credit %} by {{ author.reference }}{% end %}

  {% end %}

  {% end %}
  {% else %}
  No changes.
  {% end %}

As you can see I have added attribute commit.created_at but that does not seem to work as it just generates an empty brackets:

## 3.5.0-15-g54595ad

### added

- [added feature](embeded-programmers/gitchangelog-test@6744c0cd3bc3d3e7d834b557d58804d04a514f8e) ()

- [added2](embeded-programmers/gitchangelog-test@e4fe829d43b83c0a16c13e8791055338f3e4e13a) ()

- [added1](embeded-programmers/gitchangelog-test@709736d76d0f888aee49a735b68a4ac51649b989) ()

### removed

- [removed1](embeded-programmers/gitchangelog-test@7e84009dd196408a6cf99bf7610b6e55c34e971f) ()

### changed

- [change1](embeded-programmers/gitchangelog-test@dea1664b4d8c6ca8c7f230a79645fcf323b10f70) ()

I could not find any information or find an attribute for this. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction? Is it just me or Gitlab Changelog is very poorly documented?

I have not used the changelogs feature yet, but from the template data variables, commit.created_at does not seem to be supported yet.

I also peeked into the GitLab source code to see if there are undocumented options, but I think the variables are static and documented. lib/gitlab/changelog/release.rb · master · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab The initial feature was added in this MR: Add code for generating Markdown changelogs (!50063) · Merge requests · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab

My suggestion would be creating a proposal issue to add more changelog template data variables.

Feature request has been created:

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