How to get all filenames in single merge request

I need to get all file names merged in one merge request.
I’ve tried to use API as below to get them
GET /projects/:id/merge_requests/:merge_request_iid/changes

However the response from this API was like below and only 310 files were listed.

“changes_count”: “310+”

In this merge request, about 400 files were merged and I need to get all file names.
How can I get all file names from GitLab?


What is the value of "overflow" in the response ?
Did you try to request using access_raw_diffs param ?

Thank you for your reply.

The value of “overflow” is “false”.
I added “/?access_raw_diffs=true” to the API and tried, but I got only 310 filenames and the “false” value for “overflow”, again.

I also tried to change “Diff Limits” in Administrator menu and tried, but result was the same. (only 310 filenames were returned.)

I cloned the repository to local environment and used the git command (git show …). Then I could get 407 filenames from the commit related to this merge request.
I’d like to get those 407 filenames in API response.

My GitLab environment is 14.4.2 on-premise.

Do you have any idea?


As I described above, I cannot get all file names using GitLab API and the values of “overflow” is “false”.

Does anybody know if this is working as expected?
I think the value of “overflow” must be “true” in this case.