How to get someone to look at your bug report?

I’m new to gitlab, we have our own installation of it. After a recent upgrade to 15.7.3 from 15.6.4, we encountered what certainly appears to be a bug. It was confirmed by rolling back to 15.6.4.

I logged this bug yesterday:

With 45,000 open issues in the issue tracker, I’m just wondering how to get someone to look at it. So far it looks like 2 different bots have done stuff with it, but none of them have tagged it with “bug”. The bug reporting template seemed like it was going to label it as bug, but it didn’t.

The bots led me to this page:

where it says:
If it is unclear whether the issue is a bug or a support request:

  • @mention the PM/EM for the relevant group and ask for their opinion.

The only problem is I don’t know who to pick. There are so many names on this page:

I don’t know what area of gitlab would be responsible for fixing the issue we’re having.

Not sure what to do next.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

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@wes-mcw Welcome to the forum!

We have a good amount of triage that happens as you found out which will apply a stage and group label to an issue. Product Groups will usually review new issues weekly based on that labeling.

I applied a ~type::bug label to your issue.

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Pipeline Execution


@jheimbuck_gl Thank you!