How to host HTML documentation in a Gitlab project?

Hi. I’m new to Gitlab.

My project has a couple of pages of Markdown documentation, that are rendered to HTML for viewing. I want them to be readable in my project’s Gitlab pages. You shouldn’t need to download everything just to read the documentation. And the pages should be readable standalone (after being downloaded) as well.

I know that pages written in markdown are rendered for viewing by Gitlab. But my pages need HTML versions, so they can be read after they have been downloaded. The links inside of the pages need to be links to the HTML versions.

I could link to the markdown versions, but then the links are broken after downloading. And I use some markdown features (of pandoc) that aren’t available in Gitlab.

How should I set that up? Can HTML pages be stored for viewing in a Gitlab project?

Cheers, Volker

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