How to import local git repos into local gitlab installation?

I run my own server. It had a git server running, under a user named ‘git’, accessible through ssh only (no https).

Then I installed gitlab on the same server without realizing that this will disable my previous git server - it even change the user ‘git’ to a different home directory (the original one still exists).

Now, how can I migrate my 15 existing git repos into gitlab? All the import options are for importing from a service - but my original git service is now disabled by gitlab.

Is there a way to import my repos directly through the file system?

Or can I re-enable the ssh service of my original git server so that I can then import them into gitlab? I’d probably have to disable ssh service in gitlab first, and then reconfigure the git user to use the original home dir again. I’m afraid I’ll just break more stuff if I try this on my own. Some guidedance would be appreciated.

Ideally, I’d prefer to just move my existing repos into the new repo. But where is it, and would that work?

Answering my own question:

You need to use the “bare git repo import”:

A tricky part of this process was that github-rake expects the local git repo folders to end in .git - mine weren’t at first, so it ignore them.