Import old Repositories to my new installation


I’m trying to import my old repositories into a new Gitlab CE installation but I’m having difficulties, I have a folder in my backup with the git repositories, for example: /home/User/git/repositories with several folders with the old .git repos, I tried to use the
gitlab-rake gitlab:import:repos['/home/User/git/repositories/']
this command run but I’m not getting it in Gitlab to be seen in the projects, could anyone help me?

Pedro Laxe

Hey there,

Do you need to import the repo this way for any specific reason? I’m having the same issue on my end and the tool isn’t providing much to go on, so it may be easier to take a different approach entirely.

If these repos are hosted elsewhere, you could also use the import tool to move them over. This is the recommended approach if applicable as its super easy to use.

To follow up on this, it should be noted that the import/export tool has version dependencies. Since your title of the topic implies that you have an old instance up and running, you should make sure these dependencies/requirements are met.

I have detailed these in this forum post: Do I need to upgrade GitLab-CE 8.15.4 behind a VPN?