How to install gitlab on an ubuntu server where NextCloud is already installed

Hello everyone,My first post here.

I have an 32bit Ubuntu 18* server where I have already installed NextCloud via snap. How can I install GitLab via snap or other methods (preferably not Docker, I hate Docker!) without messing up with my Nextcloud service. The IP address of the server is already pointed to the nextcloud webUI. I prefer to keep that and use IP.gitlab for GitLab.

I would appreciate if you could help me with this. Thanks in advance and looking forwards to hearing back.

Hi @foadsf,

Welcome to the GitLab forum! :slight_smile:

GitLab is not currently packaged as a snap, thus there isn’t one available. That said, there is an open issue requesting a GitLab snap. There is no timeline or assignee for it, but there is enough information in the comments for a community contributor to pick it up.

In terms of the installation choice, please check out the installation documentation, which outlines all options you have to install GitLab.