How to integrate Gitlab with UFT

We are trying to integrate Gitlab with UFT but we are still getting pipeline failed with following error.
Executing “step_script” stage of the job script
Using docker image sha256:27d049ce98db4e55ddfaec6cd98c7c9cfd195bc7e994493776959db33522383b for ruby:2.5 with digest ruby@sha256:ecc3e4f5da13d881a415c9692bb52d2b85b090f38f4ad99ae94f932b3598444b …
$ echo “Building”
$ mkdir build
$ Set-content -Path ./build/Props.txt -Value “runType=FileSystem”
/bin/bash: line 129: Set-content: command not found
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

We tried with below code in YML file.
- build
- test

stage: build
- echo “Building”
- mkdir build
- Set-content -Path ./build/Props.txt -Value “runType=FileSystem”
- Add-content -Path ./build/Props.txt -Value “resultsFilename=build\Results.xml”
- Add-content -Path ./build/Props.txt -Value ((“Test1=$PWD” -replace ‘\’, ‘\’) + “\UFT_Tests\QuickPass”)
- Get-content -Path ./build/Props.txt

        - build/

stage: test
- echo “Testing”
- echo $PWD
- Test-Path “./build/Props.txt” -PathType leaf
- Get-Content -Path ./build/Props.txt
- tree
- Start-Process -FilePath “./FTToolsLauncher.exe” -ArgumentList “-paramfile ./build/Props.txt” -Wait *>&1
- echo “Please check the [$PWD\build\Results.xml] file.”

This isn’t a Gitlab problem, but rather with your UFT setup. You should ask the UFT community for help. Looks to me that you are running a Linux container, and attempting to run Windows commands in it. Which isn’t going to work.

Since that is related to UFT, you should be asking them about it or follow their instructions correctly to ensure you are running Windows Gitlab Runners and appropriate Windows containers for the Windows commands to run properly in the first place.