How to manage copy/pasted imaged uploaded into gitlabs

I’m creating a wiki in gitlabs (self-hosted), I copy/pasted an image into a page and it automatically uploaded the image and referenced it like this:


How do I access these uploads via the web browser to update or manage them? I’ve tried the documentation and it just goes on about default physical locations via a shell which I don’t have access to. I’ve tried all variations of ‘uploads’ in my url, checked all the menu items, etc. If there’s no way, I can see it getting very full, very quick with images that are no longer referenced.

Also, does anyone know if this is a permanent location or something wiped (e.g. after a server restart)?


This question appeared 4 years ago already here and remained unanswered. I started a new thread and kinda summarized this issue. I really wonder why this issue seems to be not relevant. Actually a server storage could be filled with unused images without anyone knowing it.