Broken links to images in our wiki

We’re running Gitlab Enterprise v12.10.0-ee on Ubuntu and just recently noticed that a lot of the uploaded images that we pasted into our wikis are showing up as broken links. Some work just fine. Some of the missing images are years old, some are only weeks old so date doesn’t seem to be an issue.

One thing that sticks out between the working and non-working files is the difference in the urls. For instance, this image appears correctly:

It’s located in this page:

This image does not appear and shows a broken link:

It’s located in this page:

Note the lack of the additional /-/wikis/ in the broken image path. Adding /-/wikis/ to the broken image path takes me to a page to create that resource, not to the actual image.

I searched our server for the broken image and found it here:

which mirrors the URL. So it’s not missing.

What’s more perplexing is that when I search my Gitlab server for files that DO appear correctly, I can’t find them. So I’m wondering if an update changed the way files are stored and some of these files didn’t get updated?

Would appreciate it if anybody has any ideas.