How to organize beginning programmers to practice coding

I have a question on how might be managed following idea via gitlab.

I’m thinking to managing a small team of beginning programmers like me to practice coding by solving some programming tasks so we will get better and better by the time. The idea is to have a wider group of people, who would be involved and meet regularly to discuss the problems, and from those set up ad hoc teams, which will pick up particular tasks from Project Euler, Rosetta Code or other tasks websites like that and discuss their solutions.

I know, that things like these aren’t gitlab’s primary point of interest, because our goal (in most cases) wouldn’t be to solve some problem by collaborating together, but rather solve some problem multiple times in parallel. But I suppose, that things like that might be managed somehow, better or worse, using the gitlab platform either way.

So what gitlab features would you recommend us to use to solve such a goal?

I was thinking, that all participants might create gitlab account, then together we may create a group under which would be repositories of particular task servers and tasks. And for solving a particular task or group of tasks, I would like to create ad hoc team, each of the team members may make a fork of a task and code a solution to share with the others.

So basically, it might look smt like:



And from these repos the particular teams will make their own forks without merging back, because that’s not the point.

Do you think this is possible and might work? Or what gitlab’s features to implement this idea? Have not yet advanced knowledge of all the gitlab’s possibilities so not sure, how to solve this the best way just on my own.

Hello! I’m just curious about how this worked out for you. Were you able to set this up in the way you wanted? How did it go?