Newb with 4-H STEM club needing help with making documents

So bit of background, helping my wife’s 4-h club transition into a STEM club and to prove to the powers that be that it would be a wise move (we live in a very rural area), they were asked to do a STEM project…so that’s where I come in since I’m in IT. What we came up to do is a Raspberry Pi data center type setup. We have Pi’s for web server, NEMS linux, Pi-Hole, SSH single point for internet access, print, 2 dev, 1 ansible, and a local GitLab server. Sorry for the book.

This is the first GitLab server setup I’ve been involved in, but I have used it at a previous job. We have it installed and can push and pull from GitLab online. The part I’m needing help with is how to create a document repository. When I’ve used it in the past, I remember having sections for different departments and everyone organized their documents in their folder. I can’t seem to figure out to organize our local install like that.

Any guidance would be appreciated.