How to remove <legacy> gitlab-runner after upgrade?

I recently upgraded my gitlab-runner from 14.7.0 to 15.11.0 and I notice that sometimes a task is picked up by the old 14.7.0 runner. How is this possible when the binary has been replaced?
In the UI I see a symbol which indicates that there are two runners in the group. Clicking on a runner shows me the details and lists a 14.7.0 legacy runner. It’s breaking my pipelines and I need to get rid of it. Suggestions?


I’m facing the same issue.
Did you solve this problem ?

Similar issue here
I just upgraded my gitlab-runner to the latest version 16.6.1 - I also see the legacy entry (14.10.0)

Any hints how to solve this?

Until the update the artifacts of the runners were located in ~/builds/{runnerId}/0/
Now there is another directory inside ~/builds/builds/ - these seem to be the new runners I registered after the update.
Is this a config issue? Or a bug?

I’ve could solve the issue - at least for my setup:

Obviously the gitlab-runner 14.4.0 was not really updated or the new version was installed “besides” the version 14.4.0.

I updated my ubuntu to 22LTS and fired the update command for the runner again - now the runner is updated to current 16.6.1 and version 14.4.0 is gone…