Gitlab-runner --version still shows previous version after upgrade

My organization upgraded our self-managed GitLab version (to GitLab Community Edition v16.9.2). So I was asked to upgrade the GitLab Runners of my team.

I upgraded gitlab-runner from 15.0.0 to 19.6.9-1 on the machine where our runners are installed with:

sudo apt-get update
curl -L "" | sudo bash
apt-cache madison gitlab-runner
sudo apt-get install gitlab-runner=16.9.1-1

The upgrade completed successfully. I restarted a CI pipeline through the GitLab interface, and the job showed the correct new version (Running with gitlab-runner 16.9.1).

However when I check the version locally on the machine, I still get the older version: gitlab-runner --version # 15.0.0.

I would like to understand where this discrepancy comes from. Any hint would be appreciated !

Thanks !