How to see all labels accross the group, all subgroups and all projects?

Problem to solve

We have a number of projects and subgroups which have their labels created ad-hoc over time. Now, we would like to organize all those labels and to “promote” them to the parent group, so we want to see all labels across all projects, subgroups, and the parent group itself. How can we get this information?

What I’ve tried

  • Go to the parent group then Manage > Labels: only labels defined in the parent group are shown.
  • Go to a subgroup’s Manage > Labels: Labels for the subgroup and the parent group(s) are shown. However, no labels from sibling subgroups and projects in that group.
  • Go to a project’s Manage > Labels: again, no labels from sibling projects are shown.
  • Use API groups/:group/labels?only_group_labels=false&include_descendant_groups=true: now all labels are shown. However, each label have no information on what project or subgroup the label is defined on, making the information useless.


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