Can I move subgroup labels to a parent group?

I’ve got a group structure on the public GitLab instance that uses the following structure:

  • primary group
    • subgroup 1
    • subgroup 2
    • subgroup 3

I’ve already promoted the project labels to a group level, but this put the labels in each of the subgroups, where I actually want them on the primary group…

To the best of my knowledge, each group inherits the labels from it’s parent group, so what would be the best way to move these labels while maintaining label assignments in project issue?


Actually, I suspect I may be trying to do something silly here after all… If I create a label in primary group, I can’t actually use it on issues created inside subgroup 1.

So before I lose too many more brain cells, let me first ask: Is this behaviour by design?

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I’ve tried the same, but the labels are not available in the projects in the subgroup1. For me this doesn’t make sense. I need to replicate the labels in the subgroups to be used by the projects.

Also, I’m not able create a issue in a project from a subgroup directly in the board of the primary group.

This is (1) not documented :thinking: and (2) very bad design :poop: in terms of UX.

  • First, there’s no way to promote labels from a sub-group up to the parent group
  • Then, you decide to do it by hand
  • Only to realize that the labels (which you deleted from the sub-groups) don’t show up at all in the repos!