How to setup gitlab runner using VirtualBox - Linux on Windows


I am trying to setup a gitlab runner on my local machine and the executor is VirtualBox - Linux Ubuntu. However, I spent more than 2 days without any success and ran into all kind of issues and none of the solutions on the internet helped.

The error I am getting now is: ERROR: Preparation failed: ssh: handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate, attempted methods [publickey none password], no supported methods remain

What I did so far:

On My local machine (Windows 10 Enterprise)

  • Enabled both ports 22 and 2200 for incoming connections.
  • Created an id_rsa & and added it to GitLab. Copied to them another folder G:\ssh\ (I added my user and sshd user with full access)
  • Added and registered GitLab-Runner under G:\GitLab-Runner folder
  • I installed latest Virtualbox & setup Linux Ubuntu 18.04.1
  • I set the GitLab-Runner service to run under my Administrator account (Without that I was running into another issues ~ If I remember correctly - the runner couldnt clone the virtual machines) On the Linux veritualmachine (Login required with username and password)
  • I installed openssh
  • Generated id_rsa & (Didnt add them to GitLab)
  • Enabled Firewall and enabled sshd ports
  • Enabled ports 22 (ssh) & 2200 ports as well
  • Executed below code
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
chmod 700 ~/.ssh
  • created ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and added the id_rsa file to it
  • I Uncommented the below lines in sshd_config
Port 22
PubkeyAuthentication yes
AuthurizationKeysFile      .ssh/autherized_keys .ssh_authorized_keys2

File contents/config

config.toml (gitlab-runner)

    concurrent = 1
    check_interval = 0
    log_level = "debug"

      session_timeout = 1800

      name = "dep-runner"
      url = ""
      token = "gitlabrepository-key"
      executor = "virtualbox"
        user = "WindowsUser"
        password = "WindowsPassword"
        port = "22"
        identity_file = "G:/ssh/id_rsa"
        base_name = "DeploymentMachine"
        user = "deployment"
        password = "root"
        identity_file = "/home/deployment/.ssh/id_rsa"
        port = "22"
        disable_snapshots = false

DeploymentMachine is the linux ubuntu installed as virtual machine.

Information under [runners.ssh] is the credentials for my Windows 10 machine

Linux - authorized_keys file contains:

   public key

.gitlab-ci.yml contains

    # This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project.
    # Full project:
      - dep-tag
      stage: deploy
      - mkdir .public
      - cp -r * .public
      - mv .public public
        - public
      - master

So I am expecting it either to pass since it the script is just creating folders, or at least to fail because something wrong regarding the code (which I dont think in this case)

Any help is appreciated, and if more info needed please let me know.