How to setup one gitlab agent for all projects in gitlab group to deploy projects separately to the kuberenetes cluster

I have applied the gitlab agents separately to my kuberenetes cluster for each and every project inside the gitlab group by using helm command and separate namespaces to each project. As a example…

There are 2 projects inside my gitlab group. 1.mygroup/project1 2.mygroup/project2

And I used helm command like this…

  1. For project 1 ->> helm upgrade --install gitlab-runner gitlab/gitlab-agent --namespace gitlab-agent-project-1 --create-namespace --set image.tag=v15.1.0 --set config.token=XXXXXXXX --set config.kasAddress=wss://
  2. For project 2 ->> helm upgrade --install gitlab-runner gitlab/gitlab-agent --namespace gitlab-agent-project-2 --create-namespace --set image.tag=v15.1.0 --set config.token=XXXXXXXX --set config.kasAddress=wss://

The only different between these two is namespace

So I am asking is this one is the best and correct way of doing this process… Cant we use one gitlab agent for all project inside the gitlab group and can’t be use it for CICD kubernetes deployments separately??

Because there are pods initializing when I have applied separate agents for each one.If I have 100 projects and I have to provide 100 Pods IP addresses for those agents.