Installing GitLab Runner via GitLab Agent

Hi, I’m trying to setup a GitLab runner on a digital ocean K8S cluster. I am following: Use the agent to install GitLab Runner | GitLab I may be a bit confused about all the different “projects” still. At the end of the day I have git repo “A” which has code for a program I’m writing and I’d like to run CI/CD jobs on my k8s cluster. It sounds like the practice is to have another repo “B” which contains your gitlab agent config (i.e. .gitlab/agents/<name_of_agent>/config). I have the agent successfully installed and can see my k8s cluster linked in repo “B”.

To install the runner it looks like I create some .yaml file and the gitlab agent is supposed to see that file and then take action on the cluster. Step 5 reads: " * Push your runner-manifest.yaml to the repository where you keep your Kubernetes manifests." Would this be my repo “B” or would I create yet another repo called “C”?. Currently, I have this file in repo “B”. Finally, step 6 reads says to create the following:

  - id: path/to/manifest/project
    - glob: 'path/to/runner-manifest.yaml'

and put in my agent configuration in repo “B”. What exactly is a “manifest_project”? Is the id the name like “myusername/B” is that the integer id I see at the top of each repo? I’ve tried both. I’ve turned on debugging logging on my agent, but don’t see it trying to create the runner at all. How can I further debug this? Thanks.