How to stop Gitlab log

Hi, I edit /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and set log_level set error:
gitlab_workhorse[‘log_level’] = “error”
registry[‘log_level’] = “error”
spamcheck[‘log_level’] = ‘error’
patroni[‘log_level’] = ‘ERROR’
gitaly[‘log_level’] = ‘error’
nginx[‘log_level’] = “error”
gitlab_shell[‘log_level’] = ‘error’

And I set Linux environment GITLAB_LOG_LEVEL=ERROR
But Gitlab print many many logs and occupy My disk.

Any method to close these log? thx~


did you solve you’r problem ?

I have got a similar probleme I want to decrease log verbosity but It does not work :frowning:


Same issue here, production_json and graphql logs are logging almost 2GB per day of mostly garbage. Ii would love to turn it to Warnings or Errors only, but there’s no option, AFAIK.

Even with rotation and compresson turned on, it’s still logging too much.