How to submit support request as non-paying user part of paying org

How to submit a ticket to GitLab support

Hello, I have a personal free gitlab account but I use it for my organization, which has a premium plan. I’ve been trying to submit support tickets for issues related to my org but they keep getting rejected, with the supportOps bot saying they were unable to determine if I have a subscription. How can I submit a support ticket without paying for my own gitlab subscription?

Most likely you need to submit the ticket from an account that actually purchased the Gitlab subscription. If your account doesn’t have a subscription plan associated with it, you cannot open a ticket as you are therefore classed as a free user.

In such a case you can post on the forum, and get community support for free, although there is no guarantees that you will get a resolution, but that is the same pretty much with any forum. That said, we do all try to help out where possible :slight_smile:

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Do not send information from an account that is free of charge, in which case there is no such option as opening any notification. The only solution here remains the use of a premium account, there you will probably get the fastest possible response.