How to tail gitlab runner logs

How do I tail the logs of a specific runner in CLI (Terminal). On the server ‘/var/log/gitlab/’ I see the logs of all the core services, but I cant find the runner logs.


I guess you’ve checked logs of GitLab itself, while the logs of Runners are stored at the local file storage of Runners. If you run Runner at GitLab itself, you may find logs from the Runners. But it is not recommended by GitLab developers.

Further information might be available at

Third-party description of relationship between Runners and GitLab is shown at


Do you know where the actual logs on the runner machines are being stored? I have not been able to discover that from any of the docs. I am using standard Omnibus installation on Ubuntu 14.

Sorry to bump this. I’m quoting you in case you have not gotten the notification.
I can’t figure out if the logs are even stored anywhere on the runners themselves.


Hi @alexm!

You may run the following command on gitlab-runner to see the logs:

journalctl -u gitlab-runner

Note: You may want to replace “gitlab-runner” with the user, which is being used to run the gitlab-runner