Need help understanding Logs and where to find them


I’m currently trying to set up a web hook integration for slack via my company’s private repo. I’m having some issues understanding the documentation in regards to where the log data is stored.

I’m receiving a generic Something went wrong on our end message, which redirected me to look into the production.log documentation. Where I hit a lack of understanding is in reference to where /home/git/gitlab/log/production.log is located. Obviously this wouldn’t be stored locally on my machine. I’m having trouble discerning where to find these logs in relation to an unsuccessful webhook integration.

I understand I probably possess a complete misunderstanding of what’s going on here, but I’d really appreciate anyone’s assistance in helping me figure it out.

Thanks for reading!

Hi @TFisch and welcome to the GitLab Community forum. Great question.

To obtain or review the logs, you’ll need sudo access to the GitLab instance.

GitLab logs are found in directories named after GitLab components in /var/log/gitlab/ by default.
You can find default locations for all specific logfiles by reviewing the information for Omnibus GitLab packages here:

The relevant logfile directories will begin with /var/log/gitlab/, not /home/git/gitlab/log/.

The log locations can also be customized to fit your needs.

You can also view live log updates of GitLab using the gitlab-ctl tail command.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help Greg!

Are commands such as sudo gitlab-ctl tail available via a specific CLI?

The gitlab-ctl commands are included with GitLab and can be run from the command line of a GitLab Omnibus instance without any additional setup or dependencies.