How to upgrade from 12.7.6-ce to 13.11.1-ee(up to date)

Hi All
How can I upgrade from 12.7.6-ce to 13.11.1-ee. by the way, if it is impossible please let me know too.
PS: which versions I can use for transfer for example
12.7.6-ce to 12.7.6-ee to 12..-ee to 13..-ee
12.7.6-ce to 12.9.*-ce to ****-ee


Hi Willie,

This depends whether GitLab was deployed from source or using Omnibus however the CE → EE migration docs for both deployment methods can be found under community to enterprise edition.

We would recommend that you upgrade between editions before or after upgrading versions to silo any issues in the likely event that they arise.

We also have some upgrade path examples which you can refer to when trying to determine your upgrade path.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions.