Gitlab ce to gitlab ee

Hi ,

We have currently gitlab CE (11.11.x) installed and am not sure if I can change to EE edition. What would be the major differences if i can still continue with CE edition and upgrade to the latest version ? is it good to switch to EE edition ? please suggest

Hi, it depends what you want to do. If a free subscription, then EE is the same as CE as far as I am aware. The big difference is that if you have EE installed, and decide to purchase a subscription like premium, then you can install and start using it.

It is possible to upgrade your existing installation, see the docs here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

You would have to install gitlab-ee with the exact same version number that you have at present, so if you have 11.11.5 then you install 11.11.5 to move from CE to EE. Depending on what distribution you are running Gitlab 11.11.x on, then you might want to upgrade to the latest possible version that the version of Linux underneath allows. Since the latest is 14.1.2 right now. If you are running Ubuntu 16.04 then it wont be possible to get to 14.x, but 13.x should be possible.

To be able to advise more accurately we would need to know more about what version of Linux you have installed, etc.


Thanks for the reply. So I have CE at the present but all the documentation says EE so I am little interested to know if CE is good or EE is good , so if I want to do upgrade the CE gitlab version 11.11.5 for example I have to upgrade in to six intermediate versions to reach atleast 13.x

apt upgrade gitlab-ee=12.0.12-ee.0

so instead of ee i just have to replace it with ce

I gave 11.11.5 as an example. The upgrade path for you would be:

11.11.8 12.0.12 12.1.17 12.10.1413.0.14 13.1.11 latest 13.12.Z latest 14.0.Z 14.1.Z latest 14.Y.Z

So if you are on 11.11.0 or 11.11.5 or something in between, you would need to upgrade to 11.11.8 before continuing to the next version. But this is when doing Gitlab CE → CE upgrades to get from your current version to the latest version.

If you want to do Gitlab-CE to Gitlab-EE then you must install the same Gitlab version as the Gitlab CE version currently installed. So if your system has Gitlab-CE 11.11.0 then you need to install Gitlab-EE 11.11.0.

The upgrade path is something different than upgrading between CE and EE. If you were on the latest Gitlab-CE 14.1.2, then you would install Gitlab-EE 14.1.2 to move from CE to EE.

Also, you can once on Gitlab EE then follow the upgrade path to get to the latest Gitlab EE release, the procedure for upgrading from current to latest release is the same, and the same upgrade path would need to be taken.

So don’t confuse the upgrade path, with moving from CE to EE.

The docs are also in CE form as well: GitLab Docs | GitLab just changing EE in the URL like this URL has.