How to upgrade from 13.7.1 to 13.10

Hi all,

I have installed a 13.7.1 gitlab and wanted to upgrade it 13.10 but couldn’t find any specific path to do such.

Please help me.

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Hi @vahidhashemi
please specify what installation method do you have.


@vahidhashemi if you are on 13.7.1 then it’s no problem:

since the upgrade path is 13.1.11 to latest and you are within this window. Otherwise, you would have to do step-by-step upgrades for each of the versions - at least to minimise downtime. There are a number of options you need to take into consider when making multiple upgrades, to ensure for example that all background migrations have finished before continuing to the next upgrade. That is explained here:

Otherwise, depending on if you have omnibus edition, or something else, the instructions are listed here:

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I have installed it using linux packages
my OS : centos 7 with latest updates.

OK, so if it was set up using the scripts which set up the repos, you should be able to do a simple yum update which will then upgrade to the latest version.

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I got 500 error with just simply running “yum update”.
I guess I have to upgrade to 13.8 first then 13.9 then 13.10.

No, you shouldn’t need to. If it’s upgraded, then you will need to wait a few minutes after gitlab has restarted, and the 500 error at this point is normal.

First things are check if the services are running:

gitlab-ctl status

if all is running, then just wait 5 - 10 mins, if still the same:

gitlab-ctl restart

then again, wait for about 5 - 10 mins. If still problems, then do this:

gitlab-ctl reconfigure
gitlab-ctl restart

again wait 5 - 10 mins for services to stabilise. If still problems, please post the output from all commands, and status so we can see how the services look if running or not, and we might need to check the logs.