Gitlab 12.7.5 to 14

Hey guys, first, thanks to the suport.

My Git is on version 12.7.5, installed using rpm package (CentOS 7).
I was reading about the documentation and I saw that I have to upgrading across multiple GitLab versions.

So, anyone could help me to do the β€œbest” way?


As per the Gitlab upgrade docs: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

12.10.14 β†’ 13.0.14 β†’ 13.1.11 β†’ latest 13.12.Z β†’ latest 14.0.Z β†’ 14.1.Z β†’ latest 14.Y.Z

you will need to upgrade using that path. This means upgrading to 12.10.14, make sure background migrations have finished. Then start the next upgrade on the upgrade path, and repeat. It is important to let background migrations finish: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

The second link is direct to the background migrations part which tells you how to check and make sure it is 0 (zero) before continuing the upgrade path.

Since you are using CentOS 7, the command for upgrading would be like this:

yum install gitlab-ee-12.10.14-ee.0.el7

replace ee with ce if you are using that version. You can check what you have installed with:

rpm -qa | grep -i gitlab

it will show either gitlab-ee or gitlab-ce. Then you just amend the yum install command appropriately.

Make sure you have a backup before starting in case something goes wrong, you can restore and start again.

Hey iwalker,
thanks for this.

I’ll try and post here after!

Hello @iwalker.

Thank you to help me! The way that you recommend was easy and right!

First I made a copy and upgraded then and tested with my team. So, yesterday I did it at the main Gitlab VM.

Everything is ok!!

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