How to use the REST API to subscribe to all public events on

Dear GitLab community,

I am researcher that is interested in software evolution with a particular focus on CI/CD systems. The unique combination of all SE tools in one place (repositories, issues, build server, …) makes are a very interesting ecosystem for me to study!

I have played around with the REST API already and I am very happy with the kind of information that I can get access to, but I would like to scratch the boundaries and scale up the data analysis. I would like to capture all development events that happen on and make them available to the scientific community (you might be aware of the GHTorrent project that achieves a similar goal for GitHub).

While GitHub provides a generic endpoint that serves all public events, I could not find a similar endpoint in the GitLab REST API. The GitLab API has events as well (GET /events), but requests to this endpoint do only return events related to activities of the authenticated user.

Is it somehow possible to get access to all public events on using the REST API or is this not supported?