How to view personal access token

Ok, I’m a noob. But this is really frustrating.
I followed the directions to create a personal access token.
I see it listed, but I cannot see the token anywhere.
No pop-up popping up. Tried Chrome and Firefox.
How do I view the personal access token?

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After creating it usually shows at the top of the screen, a bit like my test now:

maybe you missed it? The test token above has been revoked, so there’s no security issue with my screenshot and nobody can use it :slight_smile:

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Ok, I see it at the top of the page, right after it’s created. I know other people are having the same issue. Mayne it needs to be an alert of some sort. Sounds dumb, but seriously, if you refresh your browser, it’s gone.

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I personally have never missed seeing it. It seemed pretty obvious enough…

But yes, if you refresh it disappears, this is normal - it’s not meant to stay there forever for obvious reasons (security). You are supposed to copy it, and then utilise it as required. It cannot be retrieved, so you just create a new one, and delete the ones already previously created.

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Why not just a view token option? Like the Feed token have (eye button). I mean you have to create a new token again and replace it everywhere if you missed it. And you can not find out which token id belongs to which name. If this is for security reason, we can put a password wall before viewing.

Had the same issue. I mean, I might be an idiot, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give the “Your new personal access token” a highlight, would it? In your layout, it’s at the very top of the page, so it might be harder to miss, but for me it was below the description text. Just to illustrate my point, here’s a comparison of before and after the creation of the token:

My attention was immediately drawn to the colored info message at the top of the page, and then I scrolled down to the table, where all of the other information regarding the personal access token is displayed (I think it’s not unreasonable to look there first). When I didn’t see anything, I thought I might have to refresh the page, so I did, and the information was gone (which I also didn’t expect, because on a lot of other websites you can still see the token after some time, and there was no warning regarding that). I think embedding the display of the new token somewhere inside the site with no highlight is not a good presentation.

It seems in v16.3 (or maybe even earlier), the token display got a color highlight, which is great!