How to view personal access token

Ok, I’m a noob. But this is really frustrating.
I followed the directions to create a personal access token.
I see it listed, but I cannot see the token anywhere.
No pop-up popping up. Tried Chrome and Firefox.
How do I view the personal access token?

After creating it usually shows at the top of the screen, a bit like my test now:

maybe you missed it? The test token above has been revoked, so there’s no security issue with my screenshot and nobody can use it :slight_smile:

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Ok, I see it at the top of the page, right after it’s created. I know other people are having the same issue. Mayne it needs to be an alert of some sort. Sounds dumb, but seriously, if you refresh your browser, it’s gone.

I personally have never missed seeing it. It seemed pretty obvious enough…

But yes, if you refresh it disappears, this is normal - it’s not meant to stay there forever for obvious reasons (security). You are supposed to copy it, and then utilise it as required. It cannot be retrieved, so you just create a new one, and delete the ones already previously created.