Project access token isn't visible

I need to use Project Access token in my pipeline script. But this option isn’t visible on project page. I’m trying to add this project in group, but in new-created group general setting i still have no access to this option. On my project settings i have no tab with “Access tokens”

If you want to create a new access token, click on your profile picture, go to Preferences and select Access tokens from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

If you are looking for a project-specific deploy token, they are in the project settings, under Repository → Deploy tokens.

I already create Personal Access Token, but i need something like that. I don’t understand, why in unavailable for me

The token is there, but it’s a secret! When you create the token, you need to copy it and then store it somewhere safe. In GitLab this will usually be the CI environment variables in your project.

Last picture from internet, it’s not my. In my screenshots you can see, what i don’t have this option in my settings menu (access tokens)

@Mikerar I guess if you are using - it’s only available on premium and higher.

if you have gitlab-ce installed locally on your own server, then as the above link says it is then available to you from free and higher.

Okey, thank you for reply