HTTP 500 and 404 after importing a project from private GitLab


We have GitLab CE at work, and I wanted to migrate a few projects from my work gitlab to

First I went on and did "Import an exported GitLab project “, but I got an error: `Import Version Mismatch”.

I followed a suggestion from a gitlab contributor here to modify by hand the version in the exported project.

This time it worked, I mean the project was imported but I got strange HTTP 500 when accessing some commits and HTTP 404 when accessing some files in the repo.

I though “damn, modifying the version broke it”, so I deleted the project, and decided to just create a new blank project and push my local git repo to it, as I would do for a fresh project:

git add remote
git push

But then, surprise ! I have the same exact 500s and 404s ! With a blank project populated with a git push!

Did I break something?


What? Now the repo is gone! There is no more “repository” section, and the home page has an error saying “An error occurred while loading commit signatures” .

I made the project public so you can have a look at it:

I also made the source repo public on my work gitlab: