"500 Internal Server Error" when Importing Exported Project to GitLab

It has been a long road for me to get to this point, but let’s see if I can’t explain it here: I’ve got an 18 GB GZ import of a project from an Old GitLab Server (still live, but could go down at any point), and I’m trying to Import a project to a New GitLab Server. I have Terminal access to the New GitLab Server, but I am locked out of the Old GitLab Server.

Currently I go to New Project -> Import project -> GitLab export. I set the Project Name, URL and slug. I then browse to the GZ file, and then I click Import project. I wait for about 30 mins … and then I’ll receive 500 Internal Server Error - nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu) in my browser.

I previously brought up this issue in THIS GitLab.com Issue (starting at the linked Comment), when a Developer was assisting me with a previous Renaming/Deletion Issue (I couldn’t rename or delete projects; I can now). I also have logs when I try performing the Import:

I have been able to import the project via Repo by URL (New Project -> Import project -> Repo by URL). It includes all Branches and the Commit History, but not the Merge Requests nor the Issues. I’ve been told that importing via GitLab export, it should include all Branches, Commit History, Merge Requests and Issues. Is this true? And if so, then any ideas what is causing the 500 error? At the very least, I can live without the Issues: I have a 5 month backup of the project on the New GitLab, where I could move the Issues over and recreate what is missing.

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