Slow Performance and often 502 v9.5.1 (with ruby-perf)

I’ve been having really bad performance issues with the WebUI. See the ruby-perf screenshot below. Often times there are just 502 responses as it takes way too long. Web inspector shows that this is all coming from backend. Some requests that complete or 10+ seconds. The gernally WebUI is unusable. Currently have GitLab v9.5.1, but that has been going on for a while. I never rememeber it being particularly fast when we first started using GitLab, but over time it has become too slow to use.

I’ve experienced the same. I’ve versioned up from 8.17.8 to 9.5.1 and found major performance decrease.

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This is a known problem, and is currently being investigated and worked on. Please see (this one is done and will be in a patch release for 9.5) and

@mkozono I can’t wait for that patch! Thank you for giving the heads up. Is this in v9.5.2? I’ll upgrade tomorrow.

Looks like it didn’t make it into 9.5.3, so hopefully 9.5.4. Please keep in mind that that MR won’t improve performance everywhere! It should help with Issue and MR creation.

Performance in general is a big fight we are constantly working on.

Also please note that the minimum requirements in the docs have become a bit stale. There’s an issue where someone is looking into taking measurements so we can update the doc. If your installation is on a 4GB server, that may be an issue. You could also look into tweaking the swap size and swappiness.