I can't create a new project

I am trying to create a new project here: https://gitlab.com/projects

I add the name “pusher” and choose any options from the Visibility Level with no description and click Create project.

The page starts to load and a second later it refreshes still at https://gitlab.com/projects but without any messages.

I have a free account.

What am I doing wrong?

+1 same problem today (new user).

Tested in Firefox (Windows) and Google Chrome (Windows and Mac).
The correct url is : https://gitlab.com/projects/new

I have the same problem. Using Firefox on Linux.

[quote=“hannobraun, post:3, topic:4532”]
I have the same problem. Using Firefox and Windows.
[/quote] Can anyone help me?

Here https://git.fairkom.net/dashboard/projects the button “Create a project” worksn’t . “Create a project” is any link, only plain text.