I can't push to create my project

Hello Gitlab Community,

I want to script an automatically deploy of repo on my hosted Gitlab so I need to deplay with the command line.

My Gitlab is hosted at gitlab.my.host:special-port, and when i try to push to create my project :

git push --set-upstream git@gitlab.my_host.com:myport:root/test.git master

I have this :
ssh: connect to host gitlab.sig244.syazen.cloud port 22: Connection refused

But I can’t specify a port with this command line, my port is not 22 I know that but how I can solved this problem ? I look on internet many hours I don’t find nothing.

Thank’s, have a good day.

Hey @germain.prevot. It looks like some other folks had a similar issue. Have you checked out https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49710493/gitlab-connection-refused-ssh-port-22-and-443?

Also http://big.info/devops/2017/11/06/ssh-connect-to-host-gitlab-com-port-22-connection-refused/

Hey @dsumenkovic, thank for your answer I looked similar topic but not them ! I check :+1:

So after check, it seem’s like people can’t push to create on the host gitlab.com, I host gitlab on my server on a port 444 to rush it in URL, and my serveur is on a port like 3232 for ssh connect so I don’t see how I can transform these topics for my case.