Implement gogs custom massive import plugin

Hello to all. In my company, after using Gogs for a few years, we decided to migrate to Gitlab, which seems much better. The problem is that now we have hundreds of repositories to migrate and, although the manual import from URL works correctly, it is not possible to do it for all the projects considering the time required for the migration. We tried to use the massive import dedicated to Gitea, which is very similar to Gogs, without success and we decided to implement an import tool that uses the Gogs native REST service to import all the projects. Starting from this assumption I have some questions to ask to those who know the Gitlab structure better than me:

  1. Is there any documentation to read to carry out this type of integration?
  2. Is there actually the possibility to implement this tool and install it as if it were a plugin?
  3. Is it possible to use the Gitea migration tool as a starting point?
  4. Is it possible to share the tool developed with the community and integrate it into the open source version of Gitlab?

I thank in advance anyone who can help me reach the goal

With best regards,