Migrating from Gogs to Gitlab - importing repos

Hello GitLab group,

The preamble:
We’re looking to migrate from Gogs to Gitlab. The repos in Gogs has been placed in the appropriate directory and everything visible after running the rake:import command sudo -u git gitlab-rake gitlab:import:repos

We’re using LDAP so if a user logs into prior Gitlab prior to running the import and the directory name matches their login everything is properly assigned to that user.

The issue:
With all that great news I am kind of stonewalled and hoping someone may have some suggestions.
The problem is I am unable to link an upstream project with their forks. So when visiting an upstream project on Gogs it will show all the users that forked that project but after the import Gogs does not.

If this was to be done manually, what file(s) must be changed? Is there a few git commands that could be scripted to accomplish this?



For anyone that finds this later, there is a manual solution that I found Better support for Forks in export/import

Locate project id for upstream and fork

Issue the following commands to link the projects


It’s painfully manual, but it works.

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Hello @WikiSteve
We are also going to migrate from Gogs to Gitlab
Could you please, give ways to do it, I mean maybe some instructions to do it without pain or less pain :slight_smile: