Unable to import project into gitlab.com

Hi, I exported a 1.6 GB project from gitlab hosted version and trying to import into gitlab.com. Import goes on for a few mins and than it shows timeout. Project contains issues and attachments so we can’t do it via GIT.

Hi @pankaj.jaiswal
you can try to import the Project itself (without GIT data) and then push the GIT data. Here are some examples Project import/export | GitLab

Hi @balonik

Thanks for your reply. We already moved GIT data via pulling the branches on a server and than pushing to gitlab.com.

Data we’re unable to import is for a project that only has issues, about 5k issues with attachments and it’s size is 1.6GB.

We’re able to export this project with issues from self hosted gitlab and but we get timeout after we import it into gtlab.com.

Probably the only solution left is to move the issues via API.