Imported projects from github, wrong group specified

First thing out of the gate I tried importing my companies projects from github. The members of my team are in a specific group, but when I imported I did this under my name. I want to change this designation in the projects that were imported. I don’t see a configuration option to do this?

Well, that didn’t go so well. So let’s try this.
Could someone tell me, how do I un-import repos that I had previously imported from github?

And, are imported repos copies of the imported repos or are they linked so changes in one will be represented in the other?

Hey @karlkras, welcome to the forum!

Is this on or a self-managed instance? If the latter you should be able to just have an administrator move the project. If it’s on then you can transfer those repositories from your personal namespace into a group.

Note that the second point in that section of the documentation that I linked does state that you need to be an Owner of the project. That isn’t possible for projects on your personal namespace as Maintainer is the highest level you can have, so please ignore that part for your use case. I’ve opened an issue to get that changed.

Hi Tristan, thanks for the reply.
Okay… I found where I can transfer the project. I believe this is what I want to do.
However, my second question is still open. When importing the project into gitlabs from our existing github account, are these copies of those repos and changes made to one will not be reflected in the other?

And I’m assuming the only way to “un-import” is to delete them?

@karlkras Ah, sorry! When you import projects via the GitHub importer you’re simply importing a snapshot of the project at the time of import and changes made on the GitHub side afterwards won’t be mirrored on the GitLab side automatically. After import though you can set up pull mirroring if the import destination is on the appropriate plan for it.

And I’m assuming the only way to “un-import” is to delete them?

That’s correct.