Imported projects end in wrong namespace?

I have set up a new GitLab server that is meant to be used for some of our projects (security reasons was the main driver, but I guess the distribution of load will also be a good thing). As it is only some projects from the old server that is meant to be moved, I guessed the export+import would be the way to go.

As the new server is still in a testing phase, there are only two users (“root” & “grove” = me) and one group (“systems”) of which I’m the only member.

The problem is that when I import a project (exported from the old GitLab server) on the new, even though I select “systems” under “ProjectURL”, the project end up under my personal namespace. :frowning_face:

As I have admin rights on the GitLab server, I can transfer the project to the “systems” namespace, and as there is an API endpoint for that, I might be able to make a script to do it, that my colleagues can use, so I won’t have to spend time transfering every project to the proper namespace after import. But it’s workarounds, is there some way to make the projects end where I try to put them?

After contacting support about this I’ve learned that this is a bug in the current version of GitLab: