Inheritance of group permissions

Hi guys,

I’m currently setting up a group on a private GitLab CE 14 server. I’ve added several, already existing projects with different maintainers and members to the new group. If I now add new members to the group and assign them a role, e.g. developer, they are automatically regarded as developers in the projects of the group.

I think this is the default behaviour, isn’t it?

Is there a way to further restrict their permissions in a project-wise manner?


With the free version no. EE with subscriptions does allow a bit more freedom in terms of permissions though. But for CE, just the roles as shown in the Gitlab docs. It cannot be any more customised really. You can choose one of the lower levels than developer, but then you will have a hard time making commits etc.

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Is it possible to assign group members a more restrictive role, e.g. Reporter, and then manually invite them to individual projects of the group with another role, e.g. Developer, if needed?

From a quick google: Override group permission per project (#14400) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab no it seems not, at least not yet.

Or potentially try this: Subgroups | GitLab maybe a subgroup will work for you.