Install a specific version of GitLab CE

Hello all,

We are trying to deploy a specific version of GitLab CE using Self - Managed installation process.
Its is on CentOS 8 platform.

Referring to step 2 of link

curl https: // | sudo bash

The bash script “” control deployment of GitLab with its dependency packages and tools.

The question is:
where shall I change in the script “” to install a specific version of Gitlab CE ?

If anyone have similar pracatise of installing a specific GitLab version or if there is links / docs, please share it


Hi Solbam,

In your case you shall follow

Once you’ve added the CentOS 8 repository source to the system with step 2 (curl gitlab-ee/ | sudo bash), you can use your package manager to specify which version of GitLab to install.


# list available versions
dnf search gitlab-ee*
# install specific version
dnf install gitlab-ce-13.5.1-ee.0.el8

Thanks for reply. I tried to deploy gtilab ce RPM package but its getting an error

[root@localhost packages]# rpm -Uvh gitlab-ce-13.6.3-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
policycoreutils-python is needed by gitlab-ce-13.6.3-ce.0.el6.x86_64
[root@localhost packages]#

In RHEL/Centos 8 policycoreutils-python is called policycoreutils-python-utils which is already installed in the system.

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qa | grep -w policycoreutils-python-utils
[root@localhost ~]#

could you please help solve this issue ?


I have no RHEL/Centos 8 computer at my disposal and cannot try it myself, but what happens if you try

sudo yum install policycoreutils-python ?

Although this might be off topic, you could give the Docker Container GitLab CE a shot, as it comes with a pretty small footprint if comes to Backup, and is portable across different servers thanks to the way how Docker Containers are managed in general.

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You could try installing the RPM with -

yum localinstall -y gitlab…

Using yum to do the install will install any dependencies that are required.