Upgrade system while keeping same version of gitlab-CE

Hello GitLab team,

I’m currently using GitLab Community Edition 7.8.4 on a CentOS 7.1 server (which also hosts GIT repositories).

I would like to perform a system upgrade of this server (I mean, upgrading from CentOS 7.1 up to the last minor version of CentOS 7.X, which is CentOS 7.6 so far), but I would like to know first if I can perform such a system upgrade while keeping the same version of GitLab CE.

Could you please confirm that this OS upgrade is supported by my current version of GitLab, without any impact?

If the current version of GitLab CE doesn’t support this upgrade, what would be the first version of GitLab CE that would support it?

Thanks in advance,

GitLab 7.8.4 is very old (newest is 11.9.6) and completely unsupported. There’s probably nobody who will promise you that it will run on anything.

When that is said: GitLab (nowadays at least, don’t know if it was different in 7.8) bundles most of what it uses, so it’s probably quite resilient to changes in the environment. But I’m not promissing anything, if you break your GitLab installation doing this upgrade, I will let you keep all the pieces and go on not caring about your situation.


Thanks for this quick answer. I decided in the meantime to perform a test on a virtual machine running with CentOS7.1 (created on purpose), on which I then installed the same version of GitLab, with a single test project.
After having updated CentOS up to last minor version (i.e. CentOS 7.6), I checked the repository and nothing wrong has been noticed.