Install gitlab runners with gitlab agent using cluster management project

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to install GitLab runners by following the guide at this link: Manage cluster applications | GitLab

In my case, I’m working in a self-hosted environment, and I’ve completed the following steps:

  1. Created a project where I configured a Kubernetes agent.
  2. Created a second project using the cluster management project template.
  3. Provided CI access to the cluster management project from the agent project.
  4. To install the runners, I modified the helmfile.yaml file and uncommented the line: path: applications/gitlab-runner/helmfile.yaml
  5. Set the necessary variables like KUBE_CONTEXT, CI_SERVER_URL, and GITLAB_RUNNER_TOKEN.

However, when I start the deployment, I see it remains pending with the error:
“This job is stuck because you don’t have any active runners that can run this job.”

I am trying to install the runners, but is it possible that I need at least one GitLab runner up and running to install runners on Kubernetes? If that’s the case, perhaps the guide needs to be updated?

Ever figured this out?

I’m hitting the same issue.

It doesnt seem to be a new issue/confusion since Pipeline stuck in 'pending' with GitLab Agent is about the same gist.