Installing GitLab on Raspberry Pi 64-bit OS

New blog post on the GitLab blog by Brendan O’Leary! Check it out here:

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I have had GitLab (ee) running on a Raspberry Pi 4B (8G RAM and 512G SSD via USB) since early 2021. It is using standard Ubuntu 20.04 ARM64 and the packages.

Minimal fuss to be quite frank. It has been running like a champ since. Also replicated this on another and set up Geo for testing with. Required very small changes to the /boot/config.txt file and it was up and ready to install GitLab. I did disable Prometheus and Grafana to buy some CPU headroom.

Last, I installed GitLab runner on another, both in shell and docker mode (registered two runners - same machine). Works like a champ and this makes an excellent testbed for integrations with GitLab as well as general GitLab usage. :+1:

The Pi 4 is an impressive tool all around for this type of use. 64 bit + four cores + SSD over USB.