Integration with Azure Active Diretory - migration current (local) accounts

Hi all,

I’m new on this forum so at the beginning I would like to say hello to everybody!

I’m going to integrate with Azure ActiveDirectory to provide SSO and enable auto provisioning but I’m wondering how to manage the current local accounts. I would like to avoid the situation when current users will start to use new accounts (provisioned from Azure AD) and lose their current profiles / history. Is it possible to aggregate / integrate them in a way that they will keep their current profiles but in parallel start to use Azure AD for authentication?

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This thread might help: [Solved] Help! LDAP Migration w/ New Usernames

It basically suggests ensuring that the existing users you change the username and/or email to match what will be in AD/LDAP. It should then instead of creating a new user, then use that existing user since it matches the username in AD/LDAP and therefore they should have access to everything.