Migrating LDAP auth to Azure AD auth


I use gitlab/gitlab-ce:13.0.14-ce.0 docker image. I would like to migrate from the LDAP authentication to Azure AD authentication. My users are the same in the 2 AD but they don’t have the same email adresses.
Does this can be a problem ? I guess that I can’t set the “omniauth_auto_link_ldap_user” property to true as the emails are different.
How to map my existing users to avoid conflicts (1 user for 2 email adresses) or duplicated users ?

Thanks for your response


Hi @lahatch2020
GitLab is using e-mail address to identify users. If your email addresses are different then GitLab will see that as 2 different users. I don’t see any way around it other then make the email addresses identical.

Hi @balonik
I was afraid of this answer, thanks anyway